Purple Flowers


My name is August. I am a self-taught  astrologer and artist based in the capital of Lithuania. Since childhood I've been deeply passionate about the mysteries of life, seeking to understand the patterns of the universe and their relationship to human condition, which has lead me to the the royal ancient science of astrology, as well as mythology, archetypal psychology and various esoteric fields studies. I created this website with the task to implement what I've learned through many years of research practically, by helping people to achieve a deeper knowledge of themselves and, therefore, lead more authentic fulfilling lives.

Available Astrology Readings

  • Gimimo Horoskopas

    35 euros
  • Santykių Horoskopas

    45 euros
  • Vaiko Horoskopas

    35 euros
  • Gimimo Horoskopas+Kristalai

    45 euros
  • Šešėlio Astrologija

    40 euros
  • Viskas Apie Kylantį Ženklą

    15 euros
  • Karjeros Horoskopas

    35 euros
  • Meilės stiliaus Horoskopas

    25 euros
  • Deivės Astrologija

    40 euros
  • Online Konsultacija

    55 euros

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